Experience ergonomics in the Dauphin Ergolab.

The main focus of the commitment of the Dauphin HumanDesign® Group and the intensive HumanDesign® research carried out over recent decades has been on the link between a person's seated posture and ergonomically high-quality seat mechanisms on office chairs and industry chairs.
Our conclusion is that: If you embrace ergonomics, you will sit better. And you will do so with the chair rather than on the chair. This is why Dauphin uses ErgoTools which highlight a person's individual manner of sitting.
Our Ergolab comprises the following tools: the ErgoMouse for recording the contours of the back, the mini-electromyographic measuring device (EMD) for elucidating muscle activity and the eyeSeat/Seat assistant teaching chair, which shows directly how a chair is "sat on".
This means that we can clearly visualise our own manner of sitting and consequently highlight the positive effects of the ergonomic Dauphin seat mechanisms. The Dauphin HumanDesign® Group is thus able to change a person's posture or seating habits.
NEW: Tax-free healthcare support at the workplace.
A worthwhile investment in the health of employees.

Since 1 January, a new tax law has been supporting preventative healthcare measures and thus delivering benefits to both employers and employees. What this actually means is up to an allowance of 500 euros a year per employee, payments made by the employer for health promotion at work in addition to an employee's wage/salary are tax-free (Section 3 (34) of the German Income Tax Act).
You can find out more at menschen-und-arbeit.de.

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